No long to wait now

At the end of the year 2023 we will open the exhibition.

Bald ist es soweit

At the end of the year 2023 we will open the exhibition

Welcome to the Philippi Collection

The Philippi Collection shows headgear as it is worn by various followers, representatives and dignitaries of different religions and beliefs in everyday life and during their service.
Furthermore the collection also contains several accessories used for clerical and ecclesiastic purposes. Among these are pontifical shoes, gloves, pallia, pectoral crosses, bishops rings, pieces of the papal china, ….
The collection is now open to the public.

Many exciting exhibits await the visitor. There is a lot to learn and experience.

Here you can find the current status of the construction site.

Unique in the World - The Largest Collection of Clerical Headgear

But what can you expect from us?

Large selection

In addition to many headgears, the collection also shows unique objects from religion and belief.


You will not get such a comprehensive impression anywhere else. We have the largest collection in the world.

Exciting backgrounds

As an expert in clerical headgear, Dieter Philippi shares exciting and informative background information with the visitor.


Combine your visit with a trip to the surrounding area. Tholey offers numerous activities around regionality and relaxation. Find out more about the background now. The glass-windows by Gerhard Richter in the Benedictine Abbey of Tholey are particularly recommended.

Visit. Marvel. Stay.

Philippi Collection

What you can expect from us

The exhibits come from all over the world.

Clerical headgear from around the world
Exciting backgrounds
Clerical subtleties such as shoes, accessories, etc

A journey through time
The oldest Benedictine abbey in Germany across the street
Worldwide unique objects

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Further impressions

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