China used by the Pope
This chinaware is not used by the Holy Father exclusively. It is equally used in the event of the frequent receptions (mostly official ones) held at the Vatican. Villeroy & Boch used the most precious porcellain for the occasion: Bone China, whose charcteristic features are the soft brilliancy and transludence of the material. A classic, simple design was chosen.

Villeroy & Boch have delivered chinaware on behalf of five Popes already: from Pius XII (1955), over John XXII (1959) and Paul (VI), to John Paul II.

Benedict’s coat of arms served as central element of décor for the special delivery containing 224 pieces.

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Together with his wife, Wendelin von Boch, executive chairman of Villeroy & Boch, handed over the new papal china to Pope Benedict in a general audience at St Peter’s Square on 21 March 2007.